We’ve been through so many things. We were happy together and none of us can deny. But there were so many difficulties too. You said you’d love living with me. Oh, if it could be true, like I thought it could be. But you know destiny just exists and doesn’t let us know when we’ll fall. That’s the way it is, and we get used to this if we wanna survive.

I can’t say I didn’t love you just for me to move on. That was a time of my life and I passed it with you. I gotta keep on fighting, with or without you. I wanna believe that destiny has taken you away from me because of a really good reason, and I wanna believe it’s gonna make sense afterward. Meanwhile I’m only seeking a reason to live.

I’d be very sad if I had to live regretting not doing something I’d have to do. So I prefer say I regret nothing! It sounds like it’s better this way.

They say the best movies in life always end with an amazing end. Then I understand! That night was not the reconciliation. It was about saying goodbye. A great end for us to remember, isn’t it?


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